Inspirational Question and Amazing Dressage Horse Dancing

Apr 23 , 2007 · By
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Continuing on the inspiration theme from last week, I had to share this amazing video that someone else sent to me. It’s a dressage horse which is literally dancing to the music. The video is inspiring, I’ve watched it over and over and it’s not just because I am a horse lover. You will be amazed.

Dressage horse

I have not gotten into My husband has. I know when he’s in his office watching motocross videos online because I can hear the noise of the motorcycles. It’s pretty funny.

Ok here’s your inspirational question for the week: What do you pack to pursue a dream and what do you leave behind?

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Certified Coach Hallie Crawford

Comments (1)


  1. kelly says:

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    Their call Center number is:
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    Have Fun Everyone and Good luck with all your showing!!

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