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Watch my latest YouTube video where I discuss a USNews.com article that I was featured in about creative and alternative places that can be used as networking opportunities. In this video I give specific networking tips about how to make the most of your networking events.

There are so many places we don’t even think of as networking opportunities. I’ve had clients get interviews at weddings through their in-laws, through their daycare provider, at sports viewing parties at bars and through friends who knew someone was going to be laid off before the company posted their job opening. The bottom line is networking really can happen anywhere, as cliché as that may sound.

If you’re in the job market, act professionally wherever you go. Put your best foot forward just in case. That doesn’t mean be stuffy, just be mindful of the impression you are making. Have some good icebreakers prepared for any networking event. What is something you can say to approach people and start a conversation? Have a way to gracefully exit a conversation as well. Even by simply closing things out with “It was great to meet you,” “Can we stay in touch?” or “May I follow up with you in a few weeks?” Make a plan for staying in touch with them so you design how you can best help each other in the long run.

Read the USNews.com article here

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach 

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