Solidify you strengths for a successful job search

Mar 05 , 2012 · By
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Watch my latest video as I discuss job search and knowing your brand. Before you embark on your job search for your dream job, you need to fully understand your strengths. What do people compliment you on or come to you advice for? What comes naturally to you? You need to understand your audience, and yourself to be successful in your career transition.

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach


  1. Doctor Cris says:

    Yes, many of us take our skills for granted. For instance, I love to teach. Teaching others take patience, knowledge of the various ways people learn, etc. It comes naturally to me—but difficult for others. So I take it for granted that everyone has this skill. It starts by taking notice, as you say Hallie. Notice what skills you have and how you can use them in your career goals—remember to think outside of the box.

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