Are you in touch with your dream job regularly?

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Dream JobI was talking with my career coaching client, Chris, recently. He was telling me that for a long time over the years, he would get started on his dream career path, then stop again. He wants to be a comedian and momentum would be built up from him attending a comedy show or doing a stand up act in LA (this guy will be successful, he’s already had many great shows!) but he’d come home to Atlanta again and lose the drive to move forward. I explained to him that he needed to touch the dream regularly in order to keep that motivation alive.

This is important for anyone who’s searching for their dream job. Find a way to think about or tap into your dream job on a regular basis (several times a week) to keep the fire going. Chris is watching stand up on YouTube now twice a week, and attending a comedy show every 2 weeks to keep him going. What can you do to touch the dream 2-3 times per week, starting now?

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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