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Ideal CareerI was talking with my career coaching client, Margaret, the other day. She was giving me positive feedback on our career coaching process, which of course is always great to hear. One of the things we discussed I wanted to share with you, because it’s something you can do to help you define your ideal career direction. Many people I encounter have thought about their career direction but wind up confused with either too many or not enough ideas. I find that many times, the problem is they’re not digging below the surface of their ideas to help them get to the root of what appeals to them for a career.

Here’s an example: I had a career coaching client, Chris, who thought of being a landscape architect. When I asked him why, he said because he liked being outside. This is one reason it was appealing to him but didn’t give us much to go on in terms of career direction. When I asked him for more details and to dig further into this idea, we were able to come up with much meatier answers.

These are some of the questions I asked him that you can use for your own purposes: Why did this appeal to him in addition to being outside? What did he enjoy about being outside? Does he really want to be outside all day every day? Or was this idea more about life balance for him and wanting to be able to go outside when he wanted to?

Ask yourself the WHY questions as much as possible, to get to the heart of what you want. Don’t just skim the surface of your ideal career.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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  1. Doctor Cris says:

    Asking “why” is a magic word. It can reveal the root cause of any issue or the “why” of any desire you have. “Why” is a sort of word that can free you from old beliefs or habits that no longer serve you.

    I agree that digging down is the way to discover the gold nugget of your career.

  2. Kent Julian says:

    Great post Hallie! Thank you so much for sharing such good thoughts. What you said about digging below the surface to get to your ideal career made me realized that although this require a lot more of your time, efforts, and patience, the most important thing that will lead you to the life and work you love is Passion. Passion PULLS us forward. It leads us, drives us, and inspires us. Passion makes us feel alive! Find your passion, and you’ll likely find your purpose and calling in life.

    Thanks for this great reminder Hallie. Keep on posting! :)

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