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Career JourneyI received an email from a former career coaching client who is starting to live his dream. I wanted to share his story with you for inspiration and also for a few tidbits of advice. I think many people can relate to feeling this frustrated, and could learn from his career journey. Here are some tips from Braeden’s story:

1) Braeden’s career journey has taken some time. I try to remind my career coaching clients often that their dream job won’t just land in their lap. It takes time and effort to pursue and make real. It can take several steps to get there. Braeden says he’s at the beginning of what he wants to do long term – the first rung on the ladder.

2) Braeden combined several passions into one, Latin America and economics. Often my clients have career ideas and they keep them very separate, it’s this or this. Try combining your ideas. See if that improves them or allows you to develop a completely new idea.

3) Braeden said that he stumbled his way along. Career transition can be messy, and not go according to plan sometimes. That’s normal and does not mean you’re on the wrong path. This is part of the process. Make a plan but be flexible with it, and if things don’t go exactly according to that plan don’t read into it assuming you’re on the wrong track. Be willing for things to get a little messy along the way and try to be patient with it. Here’s an excerpt from Braeden’s email:

“…I currently work at the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration as a Brazil Desk Officer covering economic and commercial relations with Brazil.  I find it fascinating how a discussion four years ago on “American values” and Latin America has led me to a position shaping U.S. trade policy in Latin America.  I certainly don’t have a perfect job, but this is a great start and has put me in a great place.  I love my office, get along really well with my boss, and get to work on some big, meaningful issues.  Moreover, my exposure to economic and other issues Latin America has grown leaps and bounds and I feel I’m just beginning to understand the region.  I feel I have a lot to learn but have the ability to make a significant impact on real issues. It is no coincidence I am where I am.  Hallie set me on a path to a great new start.  I couldn’t have done it without her!”

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Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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Career PathI was thrilled that our Career Intensive with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association went so well last month. Working with one of the participants reminded me that sometimes the right idea for your next career path is right under your nose. Katie was going around and around in her head with different career ideas, from being a professional organizer, to working in a theater and even thinking of continuing to work in a library as she does now.

Then one day she sent me an email and said she was poking around on Facebook and realized she should try to turn her passion about animals into some kind of career path. She talks about animals needing to be rescued all the time, and in the past didn’t think of this as being a possible career path. She’s gone from emailing me about her career ideas and feeling stuck to writing at least once a week about something new she has found as a possible job with animal rescue organizations. I am so happy for her! Look close by because sometimes your dream job is not that far off from what you are already doing.

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Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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Job SearchI was talking to my career coaching client Chris from Chicago the other day, and he brought up one of the techniques he’s using to help him in his job search and in his life in general. He has a tough habit of focusing too much on why he doesn’t like his job. It’s hard to break out of this habit because he’s there every day for 8 hours! At the end of the day he feels drained and frustrated and it can be difficult for him to change his mind set.

Chris is having trouble changing the habit itself and changing his thought process; so instead he’s working changing his routine. This will allow him to alter his habits over time. One thing that he asked himself was, “What’s my current routine, how does it support my current bad habit, and how can I change it so that I can develop a new habit?”

Here’s an example of what he could do to set himself up for success:

  • In the morning, Chris should journal about what he WANTS to have in a job by making a list of 5 things, so he’s focusing on where he’s going instead of where he is.
  • He should take more breaks during the day to get up and stretch and look at those 5 things for example. He can set a calendar alarm on his phone to remind him.
  • Consistently take a lunch break, even if it’s just for 20 minutes, to relax. He could bring a book he likes to work so he can focus on something else that boosts his mental state.

These are just some examples of how his routine can support him feeling better instead of bringing him down. Instead of constantly trying to focus on monitoring his thoughts, which would be exhausting, he’s setting up an external routine to help support him in being more positive.

If you are having trouble breaking bad habits, apply Chris’ story to your career journey. Focus on your routine and how you can improve it to help you along the way.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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Inspirational ThoughtOne thing that I love about being a career coach, is helping people and making an impact on their lives. It is truly a gratifying experience. This email came to me from a friend who is a fellow coach. She is also someone whom I spoke briefly with about writing her book several a years back. I share this with you because I want you to know how much you touch people’s lives, and in some ways that you might not even realize.

“Hi Hallie,

I hope you guys are doing great. I love reading your newletters and broadcasts and seeing how you guys are doing and how your business has grown. Congratulations!

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that about 4 years ago when we talked shortly after your book came out that you inspired me to write a book, too. Yesterday my book was published! It is an amazing feeling as you well know…

Yesterday in my monthly Tidbit I told the story of my journey with the book and talked about you as my spark of inspiration.  I linked to your site in my Tidbit and also mentioned you in the Acknowledgements section of my book.

I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you with lots of gratitude and love – especially over the past 48 hours…

It has been an amazing ride and wonderful journey…  And, this is just the beginning as you well know.

I’m looking forward to all that is ahead!”

This is a great example of how you have an effect on people every day in ways you may not even be aware of! Be sure to spread the wealth, because you really can make an impact.

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach 

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Networking StrategyNow that I have started working with a marketing consultant I realize that networking requires more of a strategy and more thought than I ever knew. My career coaching client Kelly is a great example. She recently made a list of networking contacts to build her new business in home renovation.

We came up with this basic strategy to help her create a structure for her networking efforts and not have them be haphazard. Once every quarter, she will check in with her list of contacts and do something a little different or beyond just an email. She will take them to lunch, coffee, or call them. Other contacts on her list will be once a year. She’s categorizing each contact into a different group depending on how often she wants to connect with them, and creating tasks in her calendar to remind her quarterly and annually.

Take the time to examine your networking strategy’s structure and get organized. You have to take all the necessary steps along the way to have an effective networking strategy. The more time you put into your network, the more your network will put into you.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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Career PathMy career coaching client, Dan, recently texted me saying he needs to stop going on so many job interviews so that he has time to breathe and really think about his long term career direction. This is a nice problem to have!

Are you managing your time to the best of your ability? It is is crucial to stay on top of networking in your job search, but it is just as important to be efficient and stay organized along the way. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed with interviews and applications. Take the time to sit back and really manage your career path. Remember, quality is always better than quantity.

Way to go Dan on securing your interviews through networking and job boards. I agree, it’s time to take a step back and make sure you’re not entering the land of diminishing returns.

Hallie Crawford
Career Path Coach

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Dream JobI received this email from a former career coaching client, and I am thrilled for her! Here’s her message:

Wanted to let you know of my exciting new job.

Through a contact I made, I was asked to interview for 2 different positions with the South Carolina Dept. of Employment. Both weren’t ideal, but would have been a good foot in the door. I found out I didn’t get either of those positions.

Last week one of the women I interviewed with called me and said they have to fill a Case Mgr / Career Specialist position ASAP because the current Case Manager moved to a different department. The position is temporary and they will hire for the position at the end of May. I guess I made a good enough impression for her to think of me. I accepted the position the next morning. I don’t think I would have gotten this job in any other way. Even though I have all the transferable skills, they would have wanted social services experience. 

So currently I work part time (28 hours) for Piedmont Technical College in the Dept. of Employment office helping people find jobs. It’s really exciting and I love going to work.

Just wanted to update you,

Congratulations Beth! She remained persistent in her career search and kept looking for her dream job. She didn’t settle, and was able to land something to get her foot in the door!

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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Ideal CareerI am thrilled that my career coaching client, Damon, has decided what he wants to do long term with his career. He is combining his past experience as a business owner with his passion for managing projects and having a tangible outcome with real estate. He has decided what he wants, has a business plan in place and is already making connections in the industry.

After putting time and effort into evaluating his career path, he’s figured it out. The key to finding your dream job is figuring out what is fulfilling to you. Through our career coaching process, Damon thoroughly evaluated each of his ideas, including mediation as one possible path, and decided real estate was the best fit. Congrats Damon!

If you are having trouble finding fulfillment in your career, it’s time to get right to the heart of it. Do what it takes to find your dream job as soon as possible. If you’d like to learn more about career coaching and how it can help you, contact us today!

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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