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Sometimes people just need a kick in the pants. My friend Lauren’s husband started his own successful law firm 5 years ago. How long was he wanting to pursue that dream? 7 years. It took his law firm dissolving in order to get him to step out on his own. Now I’m not saying he never would’ve ventured out….he probably would have. But some people never would, and some of us just need a push to pursue our dream, because let’s be honest, it can be scary!

I needed that push years ago to start my coaching practice, I’ll admit it. I was comfy in a part-time job that paid my bills, coaching on the side and I was enjoying the dual income. I got comfortable and it took one of my career coaching friends reminding me I’d given myself a 2 year timeline to go out on my own. It was getting close to that time and I hadn’t yet made a move. She poked me, and I did, I gave my notice several weeks later. So do you just need a kick in the pants??? Here it is… Check out this video about how you should stop thinking about or planning your career change, and start talking to people about it to make it happen.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach

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I received this email from a prospective client, Joe, last week. I was thrilled to get it and see how he’s working towards his dream job. It sounds like he is very close to landing it!


I hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying 2011. I just happened to be reading an article to which you contributed and wanted to say hello.

I can’t imagine you remember our conversations very well (this goes back about 3 or 4 years) but since talking with you I pursued a career in management consulting and ended up back at school. I’ll graduate from Notre Dame in May with an MBA, and recently accepted a job – starting this summer – at restructuring firm Alvarez and Marsal. I do believe our conversations helped me realize that the sky really is the limit on my career and that talking with people is the best way to realize all the options.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your e-mails over the last few years and am happy to see you living your dreams. You’ve inspired many people through your work, myself included, and I hope you continue to!

Warm regards,

Joe Rollin

The funny thing is, we never actually coached together. We did a consultation in 2008 and both decided he knew what he needed to do to make his transition. He just needed to get out there and make it happen! This is a good lesson for a lot of us - just get started! I encouraged Joe to just go for it. It looks like he did….

The lesson here, which I re-iterated to my coaching group this week, is:

Talking to people is critical to your success in making your career change. Talk to people to learn more about your chosen industry (informational interviews). Or if you haven’t chosen an industry, talk to them about industries you’re considering, but haven’t decided on yet! I did a ton of informational interviews with coaches when I was considering being a coach. Informational interviews can help you learn how you get into that industry

Brainstorm with friends and family about possible careers for you. Create what I call a dream team of support for your career transition. Choose people who will support you during your journey.
These are all critical ways to make your transition successful!

Here’s to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
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I was thrilled to be featured in this article on CNN last week, Trading a six-figure salary to become a teacher. Jon Fitch’s story is inspirational, but as we all know, it’s not applicable to everyone. Not everyone can afford to make a dramatic career change like he did, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding your dream job.

Two important points to keep in mind:

1) Remember doing what he did and having enough savings to live off of is only one of MANY ways to realize your dream career. Read further in the article and you’ll see that I made my dream a reality by having a bridge job – a job that paid my bills while I was working towards becoming a career coach.

2) Jon’s career change is dramatic. He’s taking a much lower paying job, in a different industry, in a time when the economy is tough. What I find, fortunately, is that most career changes don’t have to be this dramatic. What happens to us is we become so frustrated by our current jobs, and sometimes we are so unhappy, that it feels like we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is not the case. With my clients, 7 times out of 10, they don’t make a change into a career that is completely different from their current career.

I was talking to a group coaching client, Jenny, about it this week. She desperately wants to make a change, but it’s primarily because of her boss and the culture of her company, not because of her industry. Jenny’s right career fit we’re thinking, is actually something she’s done in the past, and similar to what she’s doing now but in a much smaller organization. It’s a slight course correction, not a dramatic change.

Your transition may seem bigger than it actually is, just because you’re so frustrated. Take a step back, a deep breath, and re-assess how dramatic your change really needs to be to make you happy!

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

P.S. For more career help, be sure to contact us for a complimentary consultation to see what products or services are right for you!

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I was speaking with a coaching group client this week and he was saying how his confidence has always affected his job search. It’s been his biggest obstacle to finding his dream job. He doesn’t feel like he had anything to offer an employer, much less try to make a move into a different industry.

This is very common and I see it all the time with career coaching clients. They allow their fears, negative self-image, and lack of confidence to get in their way of making a career change.

These obstacles can stand in your way of taking a step towards the career AND life that you want. The first step is awareness. You have to know what you’re dealing with in order to face it!

Take some time in the next few days to sit down and identify your obstacles. What obstacles get in the way of you making a career change?

“Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.” ~Orison Swett Marden

Here’s to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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Life can get a little crazy when change is happening all around us. If you've still got one foot in your former professional role and the other foot has stepped into the future, you may feel unsure of whether you're coming or going!

This is natural, especially in times of career transition. The trick is to set boundaries for yourself as a way to curb the feelings of overwhelm. One boundary could be, turning off some of the channels of information overflow. For example, if you've signed up for new career membership associations or email newsletters, you could create a special email address for this purpose alone. This way, personal pursuits can be kept separate from your daily responsibilities, helping you to feel less distracted and stressed.

Time can be another boundary that keeps anxiety at bay. For instance, you can make a commitment to not to think about anything career-related after 8 p.m., instead reserving another time slot for this purpose. Your commitment could be, "I will work on my career transition from 5:30-7:30 at least twice a week."

By setting and maintaining boundaries between your career goals, everyday responsibilities, and leisure pursuits, you will feel more in-control of your life, balanced and at peace with yourself and the process.

If you need help with your career transition, you might find this report helpful "Top Three Tools to Identify Your Ideal Career".

Here's to having a career you love!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coaching

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Not happy in your current job? Thinking about making a career change? Dynamic lifestyles and an uncertain economy are just two of many reasons to consider a new occupation, or even an entirely different field than the one you're in now.

Maybe you've seen some layoffs at your company and "the fear factor" has you searching for alternate options and wanting more satisfaction out of your work. Perhaps you crave a more flexible work situation, one that allows you to balance home and career more effectively. Whatever your circumstance, one thing's for sure: you're unhappy or unsettled in your current job and you want to do something about it.

When you start to get the itch, it's time to make an assessment and begin to set early goals. You may wonder, am I really ready for a career transition? How can I best prepare myself for a change? But even before you delve into the components of a satisfying career, it helps immensely to cultivate a healthy and positive mental outlook. People who are successful at making a change are the ones who are willing to overcome their fears, doubts and insecurities in order to make it happen. You, too, can be one of these people…

Keep these preliminary tips in mind before forging ahead on your path to a more fulfilling and rewarding career!

1. Commit yourself to making a change. Something that is incredibly important to any change you make in your life is your level of commitment. You have to be committed. How committed are you to finding a career that fits, on a scale from 1-10? If it’s not at a 10, what do you need to do to move it up the scale? The time to ask yourself key questions is now. Do your research, so you know what questions to keep in mind. Explore career websites. Take personality tests.

2. Learn to overcome obstacles. To be successful in changing career paths, you need to learn to overcome obstacles you will encounter along the way. The obstacles I see time and time again for people wanting to make a career change are: not knowing what to look for in a job (so they take one that is “good enough” that they don’t truly enjoy) and negative beliefs–not believing they can successfully make the change.

3. Get support. I was able to very successfully make my career transition into coaching in large part because of my own coach. She helped me create my plan, remain positive, move forward, identify what I wanted to do and learn to overcome obstacles.

4. Claim your life. My last thought for you… is to claim your life. There never is a perfect time to make a drastic career change, and you can always come up with excuses/reasons not to. You do need to take some kind of risk and perhaps step out of your comfort zone. The key is to minimize the risk and be smart about it.

Join us tomorrow (May 19th at 12noon ET) for a FREE teleclass "Top 10 Tips to Identify Your Ideal Career" where we will discusses the top 10 things you need to consider in order to identify your ideal career.

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See you there!
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