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I was talking with career coaching client Kevin in NC this week about working with temp agencies. He is looking for a short term position to keep busy and add structure to his day, but also to let potential employers know he didn’t just sit on the couch while conducting his search for his dream job. I suggested he contact 3 agencies in his area to cast his net wider and increase his chances. And, gave him the following job search advice I wanted to share with you as well.

When working with temp agencies try to establish a relationship with them. If they don’t invite you in to participate in testing, offer to come in anyway. This is your chance to meet one of the placement agents and make a connection. They’ll be more likely to keep you in mind as openings come across their desk and it shows you care enough about getting a gig that you’re willing to do what it takes. And they want to place people who are assertive and who will represent their agency well. While you are there, ask them the best way to stay in touch with them. Can you call them once a week, or is email better? Or do they have a website where they post positions that you could contact them about to stay on top of your efforts. Design the relationship with them so you know what would be most effective, don’t just send in your resume and expect to hear back. Be assertive! If they don’t want you to come in and are adamant about it, still ask these questions. Do as much as possible to establish a relationship with one of their agents, however you can.

When I worked at a temp agency in their back office in Chicago, I remember hearing some of the agents speaking with employees they really liked and when they got off the phone they said they wanted to place them as soon as possible because they were impressed with them. These candidates called the agents once a week just to touch base to keep them top of mind. And – there were people they heard from as well they didn’t want to because they weren’t impressed with them. So job seekers – be the one they want to place! And stay in touch with them in a way that you have pre-designed with them. It will increase your chances of getting that next gig.

We hope this is helpful to you! The career coaches at

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New GraduatesI was honored to be a guest again with Matt Jones on Q100 and Cumulus Stations here in Atlanta. This 20 min audio is from our segment regarding job search advice for new graduates. Listen here

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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Pay cutI was thrilled to work with Jada Graves again for a US News and World Report article about, How to Handle a Demotion and Pay Cut. Remember, if you think this is happening to you, find out why and determine if they are things you can work on.

Hallie Crawford
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Co-workersI was honored to be a guest on Gretchen Carlson’s Fox News Show Real Talk, live from New York last week. How do you handle when your boss interrupts you, much less a chatty co-worker? Go here to find out more :)

Hallie Crawford
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Co-WorkersYour talkative co-worker wants to talk to you all the time about conversations totally unrelated to work.  You have work to do and the quicker you do it, the quicker you can go home instead of working overtime.  What do you do?

Co-workers can interfere with your time if you let them.  Your goal is not to let them.  How?

Here are some effective ways to handle those oh-so-talkative co-workers:

  • Say, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk right now, but would you like to have lunch with me today and we can talk then?”
  • Put a note on your cubicle or office that simply says, “Not available until 2:00 p.m.”
  • When your co-workers walk to your desk, stand up to encourage them not to sit down.  Say, “I’m working on something now, but I can meet you to talk at break this afternoon at 3:00.”
  • Put books or papers in your empty chair so your co-worker will have to stand up.
  • Walk to the door of your cubicle or office so that your co-worker will follow.  Explain you are unavailable due to deadlines but would like to talk later.

The key to the effectiveness of all these strategies is following through in actually meeting your co-worker at break or lunch to chit-chat.  In doing so, you demonstrate that you want them as friends and you are modeling effective time management skills for them.   You may not be able to break their talkative habits, but you can control when you allow them to interrupt you while you’re working.   And, the more you can control when they interrupt, the sooner you can go home at night.  Isn’t time management a wonderful thing?

Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches

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Check out my latest video as I share three final ways you will know if you are in your dream job. This is part of my series on how to know if you’re in the right fit.

Hallie Crawford
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Stop selling yourself short – Top 10 tips for your search

Business CardIt’s almost cap and gown season, time for recent grads to look for a job. With the economy slowly on the rebound, their prospects look better but… these 10 critical tips still stand regardless of the state of the job market. Grads can feel an unsettling sense of urgency in their search which doesn’t help them in their search because they come across as desperate. Listen to this 20 minute radio interview  to learn the top 10 tips for recent grads. To help you or your grad get any experience they can to put on their resume, how to stand out from the crowd, and approach their search with confidence.

Watch Video Here

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach

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ResumeRead the following bullet point describing a secretary’s duties and form a picture in your mind:

  • Answer telephones, file, and word process.

Do you have a picture of this person’s level of responsibility in your mind? 

Now, read the following bullet points quantifying the same duties:

  • Answer as many as 25 customer service calls per day.
  • Maintain and update filing system of over 4,000 accounts.
  • Word process all correspondence for 8 managers.

Did the picture in your mind change substantially?

The best way to convey the level, depth, and breadth of your responsibilities to an interviewer is by quantifying each accomplishment. If you can’t think of a way to add a number to your responsibilities, then add a statement of why your duty is important.  For example:

  • Compile monthly report and submit to manager for use in company’s monthly financial forecasting.

Quantifying makes the difference in an acceptable resume and an outstanding one, so review your resume and quantify, quantify, quantify. If you need any help, just contact us. We’ll help your resume look exceptional!

Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches

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