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Career HabitsI am excited to be featured in this article on regarding the top habits for career success. Keep in mind everyone, that these can vary according to your role, industry and company. I encourage you to think about specifically for what you do – what would make you most successful.

Use these tips as a starting point and narrow yours down for your job. Think about your daily recurring tasks, your schedule and your peak performance times, as well as your boss and your role within your organization.

Improving your current position is one way to move closer to your dream job. Sometimes we are closer than we think!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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Dream JobCommencement speeches are going viral as usual. This is a very good one we wanted to share with you. It’s from one of the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watch Video Here

Two things we wanted to point out:

1) Take a risk in the right direction: He talks about taking risks to pursue a dream, which we all know is required. We’ve heard it before. But he adds to this by talking about taking risk in the right direction. He was offered a job in Boston that he felt unqualified for (a risk). His other choice was to move to NY to pursue acting (another risk, but one that would move him further along towards his dream of being an actor in some ways.) Ask yourself-which risk is the right one? Which one will move me further towards my dream but not hang me out to dry and be too big of a risk? At the time he could figure out a way to live in NYC for a bit, he was young and single.

2) A simple thing to remember – don’t do what makes you happy, do what makes you great: I think along the way to pursuing a dream, including our dream job, there are things we’ll have to do to make it happen that don’t make us happy. But we have to do them in order to move forward. It’s the blood, sweat and tears part of achieving your goal that is almost always required – but worth it in the end.

Hallie Crawford
Job Search Coach

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CareersI was honored to be interviewed last week by Laura Raines, a reporter for the AJC. She mentioned a great resource I have come across and started to read more frequently. Check it out here, it’s Maria Supporta’s weekly email from the Atlanta Business Chronicle, specifically about careers.

Hallie Crawford
Job Coach

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ResumeIf you’re looking for a job, but not getting the interviews you want, your resume may be the reason. “Oh, but my resume is just fine,” you think to yourself. But is it really?

Many people write their own resumes. The danger of doing so is that you may not know what employers want to see, you may not give yourself credit for all of your accomplishments, and you may not use wise formatting. For example, does your resume have the following categories?

• Summary,
• Professional Experience,
• Volunteer Experience,
• Awards,
• Publications,
• Presentations,
• Registrations,
• Licenses,
• Certifications,
• Skills,
• Leadership
• Training,
• Education.

You may not need every category, but if you have information that fits these categories, list it. If you only list your jobs, you are short-changing yourself by not providing an overall view of your relevant abilities. One client whose resume I updated stated, “I didn’t even know some of the things I’ve done that mattered until I was questioned.” Another stated, “What a confidence builder to see my resume and realize how much I’ve done!”

Your resume has to be as competitive as others applying for the same job since your resume is your means for obtaining an interview. If you want to stand out from your competition, have a professional create or update your resume for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about tooting your own horn – the professional will be glad to toot it for you!

Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Certified Career Coaches

P.S.  Are you in the ideal career for you? Find out if you’re in the right career with our Ideal Career Quiz.

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Check out my latest YouTube video where I give career advice about a tough situation. What to do when you thought you’d landed your dream job and it turns out not to be the dream you thought it was? Here is how to manage the situation effectively and get back into an unexpected career transition.

Read more in this WSJ article

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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Vacation PolicyA friend of mine recently applied for a job with a company with no vacation policy. Meaning, you have unlimited vacation days as long as you performed in your job.

I heard about this trend again on the Today Show last week. I think it is still a new concept and I will be curious to see how it catches on. I think the factors to consider are – it sounds great, and I think for many people it would work well. But for others who need structure it’s not a good policy. So it depends on the employee. Some are empowered by this kind of freedom, some would be lost without it.

My client, Jason in Arizona, recently said he needs structure, at least some element of it. This policy probably wouldn’t work for him. But I like the idea and I am curious what you think. Please weigh in by commenting below.

Here’s a good article from for more on this topic.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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AgeIf you’re over 55 and looking for a job, do you need to worry about age discrimination? Technically, asking about age is an illegal interview question, but if you’re worried about your age, here are some tips to help you.

First of all, on your resume, leave off the dates you graduated from high school, college, and post-graduate school. What about the dates you worked 30 years ago – won’t employers know your age from your lengthy work history? On your resume, you only need to list your work experience for the last 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, if your work experience from years ago is relevant to the job for which you are applying, consider adding it. A clever way is to make a category title on your resume of “Other Relevant Work Experience.” Beneath the category title, list only the organization and your job title, but omit the dates you worked for the organization.

Once you do have an interview scheduled, will the interviewer know your age by your looks? The interviewer probably will guess your age, but interviewers try to guess the age of every person they interview. Will the interviewer discriminate because of your age? If you don’t get the job, you may never know the real reason.

The bottom line is that many employers prefer seasoned employees and as a job seeker, your job is to find the ones that want you!

Hallie Crawford and Terry L. Wynne, Ed.S., LPC, BCC
Ceritifed Career Coaches

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Chec out my latest YouTube video as I advise new graduates in their job search how to know what employers want. And it’s not just a college degree.

Hallie Crawford
Certified Career Coach

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