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Career PathI was working with one of my group coaching clients, Hailey, and we were talking over our online career forum. She kept mentioning over and over her passion for running and fitness. She shared how important it was to her, as well as how important it is for personal growth. I reminded her of something that I wanted to share with you as well.

What we want most for others is typically what we want most for ourselves, and vice versa.

Here is some food for thought this week to help you define possible themes for your career ideas. Think about what you feel strongly about for yourself. Is that something you want for others, so much so that you would consider pursuing that for a career path?

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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Career ChangeWhen I’m working with a career coaching client, one of the very first things I ask them is how committed they are, on a scale of 1-10, to finding their dream job. When they tell me they’re anything less than a 10, we discuss why, and how we can move it up to a 10. The reason is, and I know this from experience, that if you don’t carve out the time to make this transition a priority in your life-it will never happen.

I had a group coaching client once who really started out with a bang. He was making great progress towards clarifying his career direction. He even had a list of possible career ideas he needed to research. And then he slowed down. I checked in with him and he said, “Work’s just been so busy.” I told him that I understood and asked him, in 6 months if he was still in the same job, and hadn’t made progress towards another career, how would he feel? He said he not feel very good about it. We sat down, talked about his list of career ideas and started to cut them down. We created a schedule for his research. This action step is exactly what I’m suggesting for you. Carve out the time in your schedule.

We are all busy, that’s not an excuse. You must find the time in your busy schedule to devote to this work, even if it’s just an hour or two per week. Whatever it is, make the decision and stick to it. Ask yourself what the price or cost is for not doing something about this? In 6 months if nothing has changed, how will you feel? Then look at your typical weekly schedule and figure out when you can find the time for this. Is it one evening a week after work for a few hours? Is it early Saturday morning before the kids get up? Or do you want to use some of your lunch hour for time away from the office to go to a coffee shop with your computer and do some work? Find a way that works for you with no excuses. Remember, there’s a difference between an excuse and a reason. You should know the real difference in your heart.

Hallie Crawford
Career Transition Coach

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Look for your dream job by  narrowing your options to find your career sweet spot.

This is from a group coaching client, Joe, who has found a job to apply for that he didn’t even know existed. The job beautifully combines his interest in training and past work experience in manufacturing and distribution.

“The last thing I would like to share is that once you narrow down your choices, make a plan to get there, and most importantly, execute that plan, you will be amazed how quickly you find that career “sweet spot” is a reality. For me, I’m dead on the path and cultivating other opportunities in the future.”

Joe has clearly defined what he wants, and networked his way into his chosen profession. He is in his final interview this week for his dream job and feels it will be a home run. I’m thrilled for him.

Keep plugging guys and find your own career sweet spot.

Hallie Crawford
Ideal Career Coach

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I was talking to my group coaching client, Jodi, this week. She was concerned that she hadn’t yet identified her ideal career, and was putting a lot of pressure on herself to not only figure it out, but to have a plan with each specific action step she needed to take to make it happen. I told her, like I tell all of my clients, that this isn’t realistic.

Career transition is a process that has to unfold. It’s organic and you need to be willing to go with the flow; adjust your plan along the way, and follow your gut instinct about what feels like the next best step. The best laid plans always start with a dream that you can trim and shape to your situation as you go along.

Taking this pressure off has allowed Jodi to expand her thinking about her career ideas, and how to make them a reality. Remember that pressure can squash your creative thinking and therefore be a hindrance to finding your dream job, and landing it. So stop making excuses about how you need to know every step before you move forward, don’t let your fears stand in the way. Just get started.

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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I was thrilled to be featured in this article on CNN last week, Trading a six-figure salary to become a teacher. Jon Fitch’s story is inspirational, but as we all know, it’s not applicable to everyone. Not everyone can afford to make a dramatic career change like he did, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding your dream job.

Two important points to keep in mind:

1) Remember doing what he did and having enough savings to live off of is only one of MANY ways to realize your dream career. Read further in the article and you’ll see that I made my dream a reality by having a bridge job – a job that paid my bills while I was working towards becoming a career coach.

2) Jon’s career change is dramatic. He’s taking a much lower paying job, in a different industry, in a time when the economy is tough. What I find, fortunately, is that most career changes don’t have to be this dramatic. What happens to us is we become so frustrated by our current jobs, and sometimes we are so unhappy, that it feels like we need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is not the case. With my clients, 7 times out of 10, they don’t make a change into a career that is completely different from their current career.

I was talking to a group coaching client, Jenny, about it this week. She desperately wants to make a change, but it’s primarily because of her boss and the culture of her company, not because of her industry. Jenny’s right career fit we’re thinking, is actually something she’s done in the past, and similar to what she’s doing now but in a much smaller organization. It’s a slight course correction, not a dramatic change.

Your transition may seem bigger than it actually is, just because you’re so frustrated. Take a step back, a deep breath, and re-assess how dramatic your change really needs to be to make you happy!

Hallie Crawford
Atlanta Career Coach

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I really enjoy the clients I get to know and the stories that I hear in my group coaching calls. In one of my calls last week, my client Lori, shared with us that her job had gotten better for her. Over the holidays she even received a raise.  Throughout our coaching she has taken action steps to help honor her values in life, and as a result she is beginning to feel a little bit more fulfilled at work. However, she says this isn’t the ideal job for her long-term.

The risk here is that she could become complacent, and slack off in her search for the ideal job. This happens to a lot of people because it can be more comfortable in some ways to stay put. Lori wouldn’t have a problem if her job was a long-term fit for her, but she knows it isn’t and eventually would like to find an ideal career that can be long-term. Even if she isn’t moving forward as quickly as before in her search, I have suggested to her that she keeps the momentum going.

It is better to have a plan, even if you don’t execute it, than settle and find yourself stuck there for another 5 years! This happened to me by the way. I got “stuck” in my transition job for 8 more months than I had planned to because I got too comfortable and complacent! I joke with people that I feel like the dentist; too many people wait to contact me when they’re in extreme pain and ready to quit. I wish everyone would contact me well before they are in crisis. The transition is so much easier when you have the time and space to plan. Don’t let this be you. Think about your 6 month dentist cleanings (that you might be skipping…); there is a reason why the dentist wants to see you every 6 months. He doesn’t want you waiting until you have a big problem and are hurting. Another group coaching client, Joe, said it best on our call that day to Lori: “The golden handcuffs only get tighter”.

Click here to watch my YouTube video on this topic.

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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I look forward to having you join me!

Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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Hallie Crawford
Career Coach

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